From 0.5% to 11% reply rate

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Global App Lab is a startup studio with ambitious plans to expand its outreach. They aim to double their primary outreach channel but are grappling with the complexities of enhancing their bandwidth. Scaling, especially with constraints on budgets and maximizing existing resources, poses a significant challenge. They want to send more messages, but aren't quite sure where to start in terms of expansion.

Global App Lab approached us with 3 core problems

  1. Scaling up outreach without overspending or compromising message quality.
  2. Low open rate and issues of email deliverability and managing ISP relations
  3. Consistently landing in spam and promotional folders.
  4. Ineffectiveness of the cold email channel in attracting customers.


While Global App Lab's aspirations were clear, the path to scaling was filled with uncertainties. Their primary challenge was to effectively amplify their primary outreach channel without compromising on the quality of their messaging or exceeding their budget constraints. The intricacies of email deliverability and ISP relations added layers of complexity to their challenge.

"In just three weeks, Power Play significantly improved our email outreach. They expertly tackled email deliverability issues and ISP relations while keeping our costs in check." - Global App Lab

How we solved Global App Lab’s challenges in 3 steps

Step 1

Right off the start, we initiated relationships with major ISPs, aiming to get valuable feedback on Global App Lab's email practices. Our assessment revealed concerns raised by these ISPs regarding email headers and domain reputation.

Step 2

Tackling these flagged issues head-on, we ensured alignment with the ISPs' best practices, incorporating standards that would facilitate better deliverability. Alongside, we implemented latency tracking for real-time email delivery insights, further bolstering their email outreach efficacy.

Step 3

Given the volume of emails Global App Lab aimed to send, it was critical to monitor for potential roadblocks. We set up advanced monitoring systems for their email queues, ensuring messages were sent without delays. Additionally, to guarantee server uptime and prompt identification of potential challenges, we configured server health alerts, ensuring uninterrupted outreach efforts.


  • We’ve done a revamp of Global App Lab’s email outreach strategy within just 3 weeks.
  • Open rate has surged from 30% to 72%.
  • Campaign reply rate has increased from 0.5% to 11%.
  • Cost savings were achieved while scaling email volume.
  • Global App Lab ceased to land in spam and promotion tabs, resulting in improved inbox placement.