$52M deal from cold email

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Realiste.io is a B2B SaaS company operating in the AI real estate market. They allow family offices and investment funds to analyze real estate using AI and make better investment decisions. They had high referral rates, but approaching such enterprise customers has always been an issue. 

Realiste.io approached us with 3 core problems:

  • Low reply rates across their existing campaigns.
  • People from the finance sector working at private family offices and investment funds were not opening Realiste.ai’s emails. Their contacts are hard to find, and they have multiple levels of security before emails can get through.
  • Realiste.io was sending emails manually and despite having a team of more than 10 SDRs, they couldn’t reach the required sending volumes. They needed an outbound system that would get them a lot more sales meetings quickly.
“Working with Power Play has been our superweapon. They built our cold email systems from the ground up, filling our pipeline.” - Head of international growth at Realiste.ai - Evgeny

How we solved Realiste.io problems in 3 steps

Step 1

In the first week, we audited their business and found that the domains they had been using had a bad reputation, which caused a drop in reply rates. 

Additionally, we discovered that SPF, BIMI, MTA, and TLS records were inadequately configured, resulting in a low deliverability ranking score of 20%.

Step 2 

Investors and family offices are hard to reach due to security layers in their corporate emails. We knew that from the get-go, so we had to solve this challenge within the first weeks of building out our campaigns.

First, we saw that the domains that Realiste has been using were picked wrong, as some of them ended with .info and .online, while the .com domains are known to have 5-8% higher deliverability than the others. 

After purchasing domains with higher deliverability scores, we set up DNS settings in such a way that corporate systems would allow them through. We configured ISPs and DANE (DNS-based Authentication of Named Entities), which increased our open rate conversions by an additional 4%. 

Most companies are warming up domains without understanding the ISPs’ context. Once the company gets ISP, IPs, and configures DANE and BIMI, this makes their warm-ups more effective.

‍Step 3

We have developed sequences to prevent leads from dropping out of the funnel halfway. This allowed us to get more responses and calls, resulting $52M in contract value via multiple property deals with investment funds.


  • Campaigns were rebuilt from the ground up in 3 weeks.
  • Contacted top 10 MENA region family offices via cold email campaigns.
  • Open rate has increased from 25% to 75%.
  • Reply rate has increased from 1.5% to 18%.
  • $52M deal secured from a cold email campaign
  • Automations saved the sales team a total of 25 hours per week