Spam rate from 9% to 0.5%

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LinkedProspect is a SaaS startup operating in the LinkedIn automation space. It saves time and effort for those who use the platform for networking or marketing purposes.

LinkedProspect approached us with specific goals

  • Scale the email system from 10 domains to 100
  • Facing the challenge of improving the Click-Through Rate (CTR), which currently stands at a low 0.3%.
  • Reduce bounce rates from a high of 9%.
  • Lack of effective lead follow-up strategies, potentially resulting in missed opportunities.

How we solved LinkedProspect challenges

Step 1

We initiated a comprehensive audit of LinkedProspect's existing email infrastructure. Discovering issues in their SPF and BIMI configurations, we proceeded to make adjustments and fixes across these and 12 other critical backend elements. This ensured a robust foundation for scaling and was crucial in improving deliverability.

Step 2

With the foundation strengthened, we undertook the challenge of migrating LinkedProspect from their existing provider to a more scalable and efficient one. Completed within a week, this migration facilitated the integration of the additional 50 domains they intended to introduce.

Step 3

Upon successful migration and integration, we shifted our focus to detailed analytics. By closely monitoring sending patterns, recipient behaviors, and feedback loops, we were able to tweak sending frequencies, content formats, and queue priorities. This real-time adjustment approach was key to driving their CTR up to 5.2% and drastically reducing the bounce rate to 0.2%.


  • Successfully migrated LinkedProspect to a new provider in just one week.
  • Scaled their email system from 10 to 100 sending domains.
  • Enhanced the Click-Through Rate (CTR) from 0.3% to 5.2%.
  • Reduced the bounce rate from 9% to a minimal 0.2%.
  • Integrated CRM improved efficiency, reducing lead management time, minimizing missed leads, and automating processing capacity.